Singapore Police assisting in match-fixing probe

Police in Singapore are cooperating with the European law enforcement
investigation into the attempted fixing of more than 680 professional
soccer matches.

Europol said two days ago a Singapore-based operation tried to fix
games across the continent, including World Cup and European
Championship qualifiers, to generate more than €8 million (S$12.4
million) in profit. An 18-month investigation, Operation VETO, found
425 match officials, club executives, players and criminals in 15
countries worked to cheat in more than 380 matches.

"The authorities in Singapore are assisting the European authorities
in their investigations into an international match- fixing syndicate
that purportedly involves Singaporeans," the Singapore Police Force
said yesterday in a statement.

"Singapore takes a strong stance against match-fixing and is committed
to working with international enforcement agencies to bring down
transnational criminal syndicates, including those that involve the
acts of Singaporeans overseas, and protect the integrity of the

The probe has led to several prosecutions, including 14 people in
Germany being convicted and sentenced to 39 years in prison, according
to Europol. BLOOMBERG

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