Winning the slot machines at MBS

We found this MBS winner story winning the slot machines at MBS.

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People who know I've been going to the Marina Bay Sands casino
religiously in order to make the $2K levy I paid for 12 months
worthwhile, have asked what are my favourite machines.

I flippantly reply that my favourite slots are those that let me walk
away with winnings.

Seriously though, I've walked away with more pluses than minuses
overall on average but no single day's win adds up to anything
significant, unlike one retired banker who made $40K on her first
visit, or so I was told by a mutual friend.

The reason is that I don't gamble big.

I look for machines that let me invest no more than 50 cents per
gamble and yet cover all the bases. And there aren't that many
machines in this category in the pantheon of 1,600 slots that MBS
boasts of.

Sure there are 1-cent, 2-cent machines aplenty but many of them start
with minmum gambles of 100 bets or more — which doesn't suit my purse
at all.

Still, I managed to have luck with the Butterfly Kisses machine
situated below a yellow open top car — it's a prize, I think, tho it's
been there in the whole year I've been visiting, so either no one has
won or it's just an indicative prize — on the casino's non-smoking

Although it's a five-cent machine, I always confine myself to just 10
bets. The result? I must say it's not a bad payor!

Another favourite is the Super Jackpot Party machine which costs just
40 cents to cover all bases. But there are only two such machines that
I know of and most time, they are occupied. Another "but" is that
there's some predictability in their "yields".

After a while the player ie me will notice that there's a certain
cycle of pay-out followed by a long dry period. The bottom line is
that if one hangs around this slot too long, the player will end up

The same could be said of most of the other slots, so the mantra is
'harvest, harvest, hit and run."

This said, there is one exception where I'm concerned. I'm referring
to a group of four slots whose paylines are based on the heroes of the
Three Kingdom who appear as "wilds". They are situated next to one
slot based on Ms Piggy. All are in a row on the left hand side on the
non-smoking floor, if one entered the casino from the street-level

my latest MBS harvest
I'm happy to report that I've always been able to walk away with
something whenever I play these slots, though until yesterday I've
never been sure how much winnings were yielded by the Three Kingdom
machines, as I skipped here and there all over the casino, trying out
this or that machine, within my self-imposed budget.

However because of time constraint yesterday, I could only sample
these four machines, spending about two hours in all on them.

And I walked away with more than $535 which after deducting the $100
cashout ticket I started with — leftover from a previous visit — I had
won $435!

The only trouble with the 3 Kingdom slots is that they don't seem to
reward "points" as generously as other more cash-guzzling slots.

So if one were collecting points in the hope of moving up to the next
level of MBS Premier Advantage membership or to redeem car parking
charges or both, then these slots aren't going to give the player the
desired points.

Still, a quick calculation tells me that if my winnings from these
slots could more than cover the $24 car parking charge — if one were
to stay long, long — then playing 3 Kingdoms may be more worthwhile
than playing others!