How to Win Singapore Pools


Got buy, got chance.

If it's the Chinese New Year Toto draw, even better.

Week after week, buy 4D. Strike a few times. Probably lost more money
on it overall.

Then one day, I finally found a way to beat Singapore Pools.

Every gambling system is based on probability. Singapore Pools is no
different. But every system has patterns and loopholes. If you're
reading this, then you're probably one of the smart ones out there
who's looking for the right way to win.

I spent years trying to figure out something that would even the odds.
Now I pray Singapore Pools never closes. I bought this after using
part of my winnings for the downpayment.

I bought 2nd hand because the COE last year was too high and I think
it's bohua to buy a brand new car. 2005-2006 COE was low and I can
still drive for a few more years. Will probably upgrade to an Audi S5
by then anyway.

Now my bank statement might not be the biggest. But I don't have to
work. If I can do it, what's your excuse?

Before I tell you exactly how to win money, I'm going to be very
honest here. If you are NOT prepared to do the following, then there's
ZERO chance for you to make money. You need 3 things:

1) Discipline – Winnings are not for you to spend. You must see this
as math/calculation. Betting will have winnings but also losses. You
will learn secret techniques to beat the system but if you spend every
single cent you have, you will never have enough left to take the
losses. We want to win 7 in 10 bets. If you spend winnings from all 7,
how you gonna pay for your 3 losses?

2) Investment – You need to have saved up and set aside a small sum.
There is no free lunch in this world. Anyone who tells you that is
lying. I will show you how easy it is to grow the money slowly in a
disciplined fashion.

3) Planning – 5 to 10 minutes of planning before you place any bet.
That's all. You will never again need to work 8-10 hours like your
boss asks you at work. But don't be complacent. I'm giving you a
system. Follow it properly. If you cannot spare 5-10 mins before every
bet, this secret is not for you.

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