How to play Sic Bo

A Player in the game of Sic Bo places one or more wagers using cash chips or colour chips or both on any of the sections (listed under rule 3.5) on the layout.

A wager wins if the dice result matches the section(s) on the layout chosen by the Player.

A Player may wager on any or all of the following sections:
Specific Triples
Specific Doubles
Any Triple
Three Dice Totals
Two Dice Combinations
Three Single Die Combinations
Double Numbers With Single Die Combinations
Single Die Wager
Three Dice From Four Possible Combinations

The Dealer shall activate the dice tumbler that causes the dice to tumble at least three times.

After all wagers have been placed, the Dealer shall announce “No more bets” to signify the closing of bets and then press the deal button or equivalent. Once the deal button has been pressed, the layout will not be illuminated, which re-confirms that no more bets will be accepted.

The Dealer shall uncover the dice tumbler and providing the dice are lying flat, announce the result by calling the number on the uppermost face of each die in order from the lowest number to the highest and the total of the three dice.

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