Baccarat This is both the name of the game and the worst possible
hand, one worth zero.
Banker The player who takes on the role of dealer, it is also known as 'banco'.
Chemim de Fer The French name for the game, in England this is known
as 'chemmy' and as 'shimmy' in the US.
Deal When cards are given to both player and banker to play the game.
Face cards The Jack, Queen and King in any suit.
Natural This is when you have 8 or 9 points which is idea. Players
automatically win if they are dealt a 9 unless the dealer is also
dealt one. If a player is dealt an 8 they automatically win unless the
dealer has an 8 or a 9.
Player Anyone in the game who is playing against the dealer, also
known as 'punto'.
Push This is a bet on a hand that is tied. If a hand is tied the bets
don't win or lose, they simply stay of the table for the next hand
(unless tie bets are permited).
Rebet In any round but the first a bet of the same value can be placed
to start another game.
Stand According to the rules of the game, neither the player nor the
banker may draw a third card to raise the number of points they have
closer to 9 when their points are within a certain range.
Tie When the player and banker have the same score.

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