A story of Singapore Pools winner

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I won money in the Singapore Sweep! And no, I won't be quitting my job!
14 October 2012 Sunday | 22:01 | Chapter 3.3

My mum doesn't buy me birthday presents anymore. She knows that I am
capable of buying anything I fancy anytime of the year. It's now an
annual ritual that she simply cooks me mee sua, and hands me a red
packet containing several Singapore Sweep lottery tickets. Both of us
would go into semi-retirement if we hit the jackpot. Haha.

The truth is, I'm not a fan of lotteries. I saw a highly powerful
auntie in Taiwan a few years ago, and she told me bluntly that I don't
have such luck. I have to work hard for every single cent I earn. Uh
huh. That is also why I haven't stepped into a casino since winning
that $1,000 in Marina Bay Sands last year. I've reached the quota, I
told myself.

I was clearing my bag an hour ago when I saw the seven tickets my mum
gave me last month. I half heartedly logged on to check the numbers
and nearly chucked the tickets after confirming that I didn't win the
$2.2 million grand prize. But oh, I scrolled down and saw something
about the 3D prizes. I'm totally clueless, as you might have noticed.

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